Time Block

I always see posts about writer’s block. Maybe it’s my overactive imagination or the incredibly hectic schedule of my life, but I hardly ever suffer from writer’s block. I suffer from a time block. This happens when your story bounces through your mind constantly but you are unable to get it into a written format. It really sucks actually. I could’ve had my next book finished months ago, instead I’m only 1/3 of the way through.

When I do find the time I bang out 3000+ words at a time. Then I edit. Then I continue in this pattern until the book is completed and I’m satisfied with it. Then I give it to my friend Katie to attack with her red pen. I tell her to be mean. I can take it.

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from my first book. I have to admit I was vain enough to re-reedit after my first smashwords review. It was five stars, and very nice and encouraging, but the pointing out of a few typos could not be ignored.

So I will continue to carve out some time, whenever I can, and wrap up my next book. So I can get started on the next one of course!



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