Stress and Writing

So some people get really (and I mean really) stressed out about writing. They worry about this and that, nitpick over details, and generally drive themselves crazy. I actually find writing relaxing. Therapeutic almost. Ever since I was a young girl I have been able to express myself through writing a million times better than speaking. Writing gives you a freedom you can’t grasp otherwise. Whether you choose to share your work with others or keep it to yourself, you have no boundaries.

I remember how much fun I had writing my first book. I burned down a house! It was the best. Obviously I would never go burn down a real house, but doing it to a figurative one rocked. So to those who freak out about their writing. Chill and enjoy it. It’s your imagination your living in, and your being your own worse critic!


2 thoughts on “Stress and Writing

  1. Spot on! Sure there are times when the ideas dry up but I write because I love the stories that come out of my head.
    As the wonderful Sir Terry Pratchett says: “Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.”
    My novel ‘The Tale Of Findo Gask’ was all about a thief doing lots of the things I’d love to do but am not brave enough to do. Enormous fun from the safety of a desk.

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