from the mind of Casey

My mind is a hectic place to be. I assume most people’s are, but my own is a constant litany of things that I need to accomplish and ideas frittering about. When I write, the ideas play out in my mind until I have a cohesive piece of work. I write as I go, often re-reading and tweaking my plot ideas. I also get super excited when I know things are going to come together perfectly.

My excitement this week is going to stem from boosting a car. A fictional car of course, but that won’t take away any pleasure in my book (pun intended.)

I’m also excited to wrap up my next novel. Realistically I see spring ’13 as a release date. I have a class to finish up the next couple weeks before I can completely rededicate my time to Lettie. Feel free to check out my links and get a free preview, any emails or critiques are greatly appreciated!



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