Seriously Slacking

Do you ever feel this way? Sure we all have our moments and bouts of laziness, ect. But do you ever feel that you are seriously slacking?

Let’s look at my definition of seriously slacking: overextending oneself to almost the point of no return. Where you have so many things on your plate that eventually no of them get the time and concentration they deserve?

Maybe because it’s my last couple weeks of classes. On top of a full time job. And two young kids. And a husband. And another book. And blogging. But while I have my priorities list: Kids, Hubby, School, work, other, it gets to be a bit much, and I find, there’s always a trade off.

Nights I have homework we eat takeout. I will forgo a load of laundry to build Legos. I might lose sleep writing and reading. A lot. What can I say? Shit happens. Rather than juggling I much prefer balancing.


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