Self-publishing vs Independent Publilsher vs Literary Agent? Help!

So can you say overwhelmed? The decision is of course mine to make but the choices are intimidating. I know the self-publishing route, and it’s the comfortable one. I know how small the chances of a literary agent are. So now, to complicate things even more, it is brought to my attention that there is also the independent publishing route. As someone who is already wary of change, does anyone have any insight on the realm of independent publishers?


2 thoughts on “Self-publishing vs Independent Publilsher vs Literary Agent? Help!

  1. I have an opinion on this question
    There is a logical march toward publication: First, once your book is thoroughly finished (at least two complete drafts, a professional editor has at least read and fixed the errors), try to get published through traditional methods. I firmly believe it is better to have a company with all its expertise to release your book. Marketing, distribution and productin (even for an eBook) require expertise and financial commitment.
    Try to acquire an agent, spend at least six months going to conferences, sending queries, talking to other writers.
    If this fails, then go to publishers. Keep an eyes out for scams. Go to “preditors and editors” to check on publishers or agents to ensure they are legit. Search for agents and publishers using writer’s market, almost a required expense.
    If this fails, then you start the marketing plan where you prepare the relased of your eBook. Read Mark Coker’s guide at and understand the process of preparing a eBook. Print on Demand books require cash. No need for that route unless you have at least 200 buyers chomping at the bit.
    Self-publishing means nothing without your support. Throwing a book onto the web is free, but competition is fierce. Being a publisher is not the same process as being a writer.
    Hope that helps

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