All In

I love to read. And if it’s possible to read in excess, then I might fall into that category. I devour books. So back in 2006 I decided to give writing a real try. I had played around before, started ideas but never following through. Well I am nothing if not stubborn, and I persevered until I had a 60,000 word novel. No easy feat mind you, and that much harder in the spare time of a wife/mom/employee/student. It took about 3 years to complete, edit, and feel secure about the story line.

I’ve done much better time wise this time around. A little over a year. And I decided something I feel is very important. I’m all in. I will keep trying and continue to put myself out there no matter what. Even if I have to self-publish every work I complete at least I will know I am giving it my all. Regardless of the outcome at least my conscience will be appeased knowing that I’ve given my dream my absolute best shot. And on that note, I have to get back to editing. 🙂


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