Back to the Land of the Living!

My unplanned hiatus, aka my bout with the flu, was crippling physically but forced a literary productiveness that I haven’t been capable of in some time. Today I ventured out for the first time since the doctor’s office on Monday (and don’t let them lie to you, that stick up your nose hurts like hell!) and returned just in time for the winter storm crippling my home of New England. Go figure.

The upside to all of this is I got an incredible amount of editing done. All of it in fact. 🙂 But then I realized I wanted more, so I added a character (maybe even adding another to be honest,) and changed up my ending (I’m sorry I thoroughly enjoy keeping my reader guessing.)

The other big thing I’ve been doing is trying to figure out a final word count I’m comfortable with. My first book was 60,000 words, but most of my research indicates this is more for young adult books than novels. Apparently 80,000+ is the standard. I definitely welcome any thoughts on this matter from everyone. Well, back to the keyboard. Fingers crossed Nemo doesn’t knock out my power and leave me with limited battery life…


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