Into the Mind of a Main Character

“I always am surrounded by trouble. It’s not that it follows me, at least it never used to. Not until I ran up to it and slapped it across the face. Now it wants me, so it continues to stalk me. Now I’m just screwed.”

It’s not always an easy thing to do. Writing from the fictional perspective of someone else requires a uniquely developed imagination. Most of my main characters hold a good portion of my moral values. And the rest is from my imagination. I have an incredibly over-active imagination. I was an only child, so I have years of practice.

When I write, I try to slip-into-character, if you will. Doesn’t matter who the character is, but I visualize and then try to emotionalize until I have a feasible (and hopefully beleiveable) character and someone that the reader can relate to. And it’s really fun to throw them into the crazy situations.


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