Getting There

So my goal is March 15th…It may end up being more like April 1st, but I figure that’s reasonable as well. I’ve got more than half of the editing done. Unless I decide to change some more. Which is possible. It’s awesome to be this close to the end though.

So of course during editing is also when most of the second guessing occurs. Although I’m sure it’s a common thing for authors it certainly drives me crazy. I’m not a fan of second guessing myself, but I realize it’s necessary in order to have the best finished work possible.

So I will soldier on 🙂 and hopefully one of my next posts will no longer be about editing but rather about trying for an agent!


8 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. I’m almost finished actually, about 56,000 words out of my goal of 60,000. My first book was 60,000 words also. This one being paranormal is so much more fun to write. It’s the beginning of a series (hopefully) and having the aspect in there of not being restricted by normal limits rocks. And I wish I could fall into a more steady routine, at this point it’s more diving into it whenever I can, which is no where near as often as I’d like but when I get to I spend hours on it.

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