Finishing Touches

Nothing is quite as satisfying to a novelist (besides actually finishing) than the moment that the rough draft crosses that line into final manuscript territory. I’m sure all writers have their preferred methods of accomplishing this. I prefer the copy and paste. This way I always have the option of referring back to the original rough draft if necessary.
But I made it! I’m officially putting the finishing touches on my final manuscript. I cut some stuff totally, added some new characters, changed some names up and I am now in the process of tying up some loose ends and seeing what my editors can pick apart from it. While I’m waiting for them to do that, before the final edit, I have one more fish to fry.
Seeing as I decided to move forward trying to get a literary agent (again, with my first book it was an epic fail,) I also get the coinciding joy of writing a query letter. The pressure is certainly not quite as bad as the first book I wrote because I now know what a significant option self-publishing is. I already wrote the whole book in the proper format for self-publishing, so it’s really a matter of getting a cover together and a few other minor details.
Even with the (slightly) reduced pressure I can still say that the query letter is by far the most intimidating thing an author can write. Basically a sales letter for a work that you’ve just dedicated so much of your time and yourself to. And landing an agent is like the Holy Grail to the self-published author. You hear about them, but you never can seem to get one.
So that’s where we’re at. Sorry for the bout of radio silence 🙂 We writers tend to get lost in our work.


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