“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
– George Eliot

I’m learning so many new things and I’m so grateful for it. How to write a synopsis for example. This is something you ideally want completed before you begin querying for an agent. It just makes you look unprofessional if they ask for one and you don’t have it ready. Think 5-6 pages of your book broken down, in the most enthralling manner you can manage. Dang.

Then, there’s the mini-synopsis. This is a few paragraphs that actually go in the query letter. So double dang. You get the synopsis finished and then you get to do it again, yet on an even smaller scale.

And the logline. Basically one sentence to summarize, AND, as if that wasn’t hard enough, it has to rock. It has to make someone go ‘I need to get my hands on this’. Sure. Easy. No problem. Right?

Not so much. This process was almost harder than the writing part. And maybe you want to half-ass it. You’re tired. You’re a writer. You already did that right? Nope. Half-assing it now is basically throwing yourself into a self-fulfilling prophecies for failure. Yep. It’s that important to do it right.

So I really do like what I’m learning. A lot of it will really help my next projects go more smoothly. As for the difficultly between self-publishing and querying for an agent? Well, at this point marketing and synopsis are neck and neck. I’ll keep you posted.


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