The Write State of Mind

First let me start off by saying I’ve been slacking in the blogging department and for this I apologize.

I have been super busy though! I finished all the editing on Righteous Decisions and now have a fully complete manuscript. At over 64,000 words, I’m very proud of it. šŸ™‚ I also now have a completed synopsis, no easy task mind you, and a list of 42 literary agents to query. So, I am currently hacking away at the query letter. Gulp.

“The Write State of Mind.” It’s something I have to be in, in order to write. I write everyday, but on those days, I can write my ass off. It just flows. I love those days, and will often end with a stiff back, but a wonderful feeling of completion.

On my off days, I do something else. I now have a few projects going, so I can work on an outline, edit, create a cover, do some marketing, the list is almost never-ending.

What I love the most? Is that now I can. I’m able to devote the time I need to writing to be really successful at it, (hopefully.)

So, I will keep you guys posted. Let you know when the query letters go out (and IF I get a reply.) Wish me luck!


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