Silly Things

“Fear is stupid, so are regrets.” ~Marilyn Monroe

I had a bout of writer’s insomnia last night. Writer’s insomnia is different from regular insomnia, because when it happens to a writer, it’s typically because some ideas forged in the recesses of our mind have decided, very poignantly, to make themselves known. At two a.m.

The only way to get any semblance of peace is to get it out. Write it down. Take it out of your brain. This idea doesn’t care what time it is, or that you only have five hours until your crazy kids wake up again. Nope. In all reality, this idea is kind of pushy.

So, to spare what is left of your early morning sanity, you schlep yourself out of bed. Your not tired, you’ve been staring at the ceiling for the past hour, while this literary genius forms in your head. You fire up your computer, or grab a pen and paper, and get the gosh darn thing out. And go back to bed. You stare at the ceiling for another half hour, tweaking what you just wrote down mentally, until you finally drift off to sleep.

My point here, is that as writers we often forget silly things, such as sleeping, or eating, in lieu of writing. When an idea forms we HAVE to jump on it, or risk losing it.


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