Reasons why I was a sucky blogger in the last half of 2013

Righteous Decisions by Casey Harvell

Before I begin with my reasons (I swear, they’re decent!) I guess we’ll start from September 🙂

September 1st I released the first book of my paranormal romance series, Righteous Decisions (which btw is FREE on Nook and Kindle! I’ll post links to everything at the bottom of this post <3)

Then came Charged. I think this might be my favorite- I’d always wanted to do a book on an apocalypse (I ❤ zombies,) but I didn’t want to stick to the norm. So after a bit of Googling and brainstorming, I came up with a girl getting charged by electricity and has to save the world from a nanobot apocalypse. This came out October 24th tentatively, officially November 1st.

Next in line came Harsh Decisions, the sequel to Righteous Decisions. Seeing as how I was writing it anyway, I decided to try my hand at NaNoWriMo while I was doing it. Hey, it was November after all. I began a week late, but by the 30th had only accomplished 47,500 or so words. Technically, I didn’t reach the NaNoWriMo mark. Also, at that word count, Harsh Decisions decided it was done. Can’t argue with a book, it’ll do what it wants. Harsh Decisions was published on December 20th.

Now? Shocked, the sequel to Charged. Still in the preliminary rough-draft stage, I hope to release it early spring.

Because all of the above is not enough while raising two boys under ten and running a house, and to supplement some income, because let’s face it- indie authors need to do so, I’ve been offering editing and formatting services for other authors with great success (my website link will also be below). But even if these are all very good and relevant reasons to be busy, it still doesn’t mean that I should be ignoring my blog, because you guys rock. I should be tarred and feathered and humbly beg your forgiveness.

Here’s all the info on my books, as well as links to websites mentioned above:

Righteous Decisions:

When Lettie, a misfit photographer, realizes her nightmares have become reality she is more than a little freaked out, but as her world gets turned upside down, and at the top of a paranormal hit list, she discovers more about herself than she ever thought possible.



 NEW Harsh Decisions Cover

Harsh Decisions:

Lettie’s pretty sure things can’t get much worse. Really, going to hell has to be a low point. But she’ll go anywhere and do anything to get Gabe back.

Join Lettie on the second installement of her journey. Battling demons and conquering battlefields, stopping and starting wars, and family feuds all have one thing in common: Harsh Decisions.


Coming Soon (seriously like any flipping day now!) on Nook!

 Charged Reboot eBook Cover Final

Kat is just an average teenage girl. When the new guy moves to town, she’s shocked when she falls for the boy next door. With her best friend Brie, and new boyfriend Mason, life is looking better than ever.

When Brie and Kat land a gig for their band, excitement is in the air. But a cross of wires leaves Kat charged with electricity when her amp explodes.

And things just keep getting weirder…A sudden nanobot apocalypse leaves Kat’s new talents as the only thing that stands between mankind and the end of the world.


Find All the links to ALL my books on my website:

Casey Harvell on Amazon:

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Twitter:  http:///




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