Too Many Choices!


Do you ever get overwhelmed by too many choices??? I do.

For example: Taking out the indie publisher option and sticking to self publishing is an easy choice for me. I enjoy having full control. I don’t have to compromise my work and I’m able to keep my prices fair for my readers. Win/win–easy-peasy.

Then wtf am I stressing over you ask? The overwhelming choices for self-publishing.

Do you publish on all outlets or sign your book away exclusively to Amazon for anywhere from three months to five years? Amazon may make it worth my while, but what about my non-Kindle readers. What about the people who read through B&N, Kobo or iTunes? How beneficial can something really be if it limits your market???

When I began self-publishing in 2011 there were far less options. There was also far less reach–but in a way it was a simpler time.

The trade is beyond fair for the indie world as a whole. There are more way to do everything you can imagine than ever before. Today’s indie author’s a lucky enough to be part of a major movement that’s changing the face of publishing as the world knows it. It’s pretty damn epic and I for one am honored to be part of it.

I don’t know which publishing options are the best choice for every indie author, but I do know what is the best choice for ME. I can’t validate not making my work available to ALL my readers, therefore I will continue to publish on ALL eBook outlets I can and not exclusively to Amazon. I love my Kindle readers to pieces too and will (of course) continue to publish on Kindle too.

What it boils down to is this: My view of success is a bit different than others. My success is not measured in monetary value–rather in value of happiness and self-worth. Writing makes me happy. Finding and reaching readers who enjoy what I write makes me even happier. Less money, but more satisfaction seems like a damn fine trade to me ❤


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